Towelroot APK Latest Version for Android

Name: Towelroot APK
Developer: Geohot
Updated: Not Updated Yet
File Size: 110 KBs
Downloads: 20,000 – 100,000
Version: 3.0
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Rating: 4.0 Star

TowelRoot APK – Overview

The biggest benefit of having the TowelRoot APK in your android system is the unlimited access to the rooting methods and resources. Once installed and configured you will be able to get the direct connectivity to three layers of the Android core. They are the application framework, runtime libraries, system files and the kernel. You will be able to use this advanced tool for applications related to game hacking, system level code accessing, system component manipulation, system resources access and getting direct access to the .SDK and .APK files.

Most common applications of TowelRoot APK can be seen in configuring your android to allow games, apps, device drivers, Wi-Fi files and other applications to run without any hassles. Normally the Android system will have certain restrictions while installing these games, apps and hardware drivers. Many of them may not install properly or get rejected outright by the android system and kernel. By using TowelRoot APK you will be able to clear all such obstacles and make your android to “accept” these files normally.

TowelRoot APK – Installation and Configuration

Towelroot APK Free Download

The installation process of TowelRoot APK is very simple. You need to open the settings menu on your Android device and choose the security option. Here you can find “unknown sources”. Select third party apps and click on TowelRoot APK. If you are unable to find the option here you can directly open the browser and go to the TowelRoot APK website. Click the download option for your specific device. You might need to answer some security options for allowing the uninterrupted download of the app. Once the app gets downloaded you can choose the install option. Wait till the process gets completed. The installer reboots your system and you are ready to use the TowelRoot APK now.

  • Software Changes: – The TowelRoot APK might cause many of your installed software in your system to malfunction. But this is not proved in all android devices. Make sure you have the backup of installation copy of all the important software. If the installed one’s malfunction, you will need to reinstall.
  • System Software: – Make sure your system software apps are left undisturbed. In maximum cases, the TowelRoot APK doesn’t interfere with your system apps. If you have the temptation to uninstall any of the system apps, make sure they are not needed for the running of your mobile device and the installed features. It is better that you leave them undisturbed.

TowelRoot APK – Salient Features

  • System Level Access: – Once you have installed the TowelRoot APK into your device, you will be able to tap all the hidden resources at the system level. Frankly speaking, many of us are still confused about how to make the best use of this app. You can say this is like having the latest technology tool and not knowing what do with it. But you can start from the simpler levels. For example, your device doesn’t allow the installation of Titanium-backup by default. After you have installed this app you will be able to download and install the app with no hassles. Similarly, there are many games which you might have tried to install on your android before and failed. TowelRoot APK will allow you to install all of them.
  • Operating System: – With TowelRoot APK you will be able to make many changes to the OS on your device. The app gives you the admin permission in your OS which otherwise is not available. One advantage is you can upgrade your operating system without having to pay for your service provider. Moreover, you will be able to customize the “settings” menu completely according to your choice.
  • Side-Loading: – This option allows you to install all the “forbidden” apps into your device. Usually, these apps come from unknown sources on the internet. Android device locks them by default which you won’t be able to unlock. The TowelRoot APK unlocks all such blocks and allows you to install them freely.
  • Settings Changes: – Open the settings menu and go to themes. Here you will be able to change the animation which appears during system boot. You can also make changes to the system icons that appear in all the menu options.

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TowelRoot System Level Rooting

  • Complete backup: – The TowelRoot APK allows you to backup all the apps which you have installed on your Android device. This is highly helpful as you can reinstall them when your device crashes or the specific app malfunctions.
  • Native Applications: – You will be able to configure the native applications used for controlling the ROM in your android device. For this, you need to know about the coding aspects of the system files. You need to install the android system files editor and open the specific files related to the control of ROM. For example, you can consider the firmware you want to install for enhanced memory management. Normally this is not allowed by your android device. By using TowelRoot APK you can go to the system level and change the code in the specific file.

TowelRoot –Top Benefits

  • Reconfigure Inputs: – The touch input in your device is locked for specific purposes only. For example, you might want to change the way your specific part of app’s reaction to the input. You can directly go to the app’s settings and change the way it works. This is because TowelRoot APK has opened the lock. Similarly, you can change the inputs for clicks, slider motion, resize action and other add-on input devices which you might want to connect with your Android device.
  • Kernel Control: – By controlling the kernel you are able to make changes to the way in which the .EXE files behave. You can directly open the binary coding and edit the files if you know how to do it. You will also be able to make any number of changes into the file according to your needs.

NOTE: – All the changes you make with the installed TowelRoot APK will be at your own risk. The developers shall not be responsible for any of the physical damages to the device or the harms caused to you or anyone else due to the changes made in any way.

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