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Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) v1.8.158 APK

Name: Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) APK.
Developer: Ian Hawkins.
Updated: May 23, 2017
File Size: 12 MBs
Downloads: 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Version: 1.8.158
Requirements: 2.0 and up
Rating: 4.5 star

Top Benefits of working with the Torque Pro APK for Customized Battery Instrumentation

If you have been consistently working with the various types of display gauges in your automobiles, you can certainly appreciate the importance of Torque Pro APK. The main purpose of the app is to bring you the real time information from the various parts of your car and display them in a common panel. Using this data you will be able to monitor and control the parameters associated with the direction of automobile movement, battery status, fuel status and the working conditions of the other devices within your automobile. For this, you need to configure the Torque Pro APK to work with the Bluetooth device and the other internet compatible devices. Once you have installed and configured the app, you will be able to use the benefits of the system in the long run.

Professional Torque Pro APK Review

Having the right compatibility with the adapters is the key to getting the maximum benefits of Torque Pro APK. For this, you need to take care of the initial configuration. When I installed the app for the first time in my system, my intention was to use the features of the EV display unit. For this, I had to initially configure that device. It took some trial and error before I was finally able to bring all the components of the display in line with the APK. Once I was able to do that the rest of configuration became very simple for me. Hence I recommend you configure the EV display unit in accordance with the specific guidelines given in the OEM manual before taking up the installation and configuration of the Torque Pro APK.

  • Torque Pro APK Installation: – The installation screen of the Torque Pro APK gives you many options for the configuration of location, system tools, storage devices and the type of network communication. I suggest you pay attention to every specific configuration in detail. This will help you in fine tuning the features of the app to your exact requirements.
  • Location Mapping: – The app is capable of mapping your current location through the GPS in your Bluetooth. I suggest you use the version 1.5.58 or higher to be able to get the maximum benefits. Since the location mapping is based on the network connectivity, it is a dynamic feature which keeps changing according to the location. The usage of OBDII Bluetooth is the most recommended one for the latest set of hardware adapters. The system is capable of searching the Bluetooth and configuring the drivers according to the hardware. The initial stages of location mapping during the installation might take a few minutes. Be patient until the Torque Pro APK completes the configuration settings.  Then you will be able to go ahead with the rest of installation and configuration easily.
  • Initial Procedure: – The system default user is the Admin unless specified otherwise. Make sure you have the required permissions for installing all the required features. Initially, the system will require the pairing of the Bluetooth with the target device. For this, you need to input the PIN code as specified in the OEM manual. By default, the PIN is a numeric value. In some cases, it might have the combination of alphanumeric characters. Click OK after entering the PIN. Now the Torque Pro APK starts for the available pairing devices within the proximity. Once it has found them it displays the list. Choose the one you wish to pair your Bluetooth with and click OK.
  • Software Installation: – In the next step the system shows you the software installation menu for the Torque Pro APK. Complete the procedure according to the OEM manual guidelines.
  • Torque Pro APK Adapter: – The settings for the Torque Pro APK adapter can be done after you have installed the software. They depend on the connection type, Bluetooth device, BT settings, adapter type and version and other related parameters.
  • Torque Pro APK Interpreter: – The interpreter which connects the OBDII adapters with the RS232 types of devices plays an important role in the accuracy of Torque Pro APK configuration. Make sure the adapter error count is zero. Only them you will be able to use it correctly with the app. You need to keep checking for the ECU connectivity while you are installing and configuring the system. Once this is complete, the system displays all the data related to the battery instrumentation, acceleration, throttle, speed and the revolutions in RPM etc.
  • Miscellaneous Applications: – The Torque Pro APK is capable of configuring the miscellaneous applications like the themes, plug-in, alarms, units etc.

Torque Pro APK and the Adapters

My experience of working with the Torque Pro APK has been short, but very fruitful. I have been able to make the most of the application because I managed to explore most of the available options with patience and persistence. I suggest you take special care while configuring the app with the vehicle ECU. This will determine one of the factors of app efficiency in the long run.

  • Device Pairing: – Hardware adapters in your vehicle play an important role in enhancing the efficiency of the Torque Pro APK. Some of the most commonly paired up adapters are the BT-Dongle, LED-devices, BT-devices, EV-display, vehicle ECU, OBDII, battery, fuel unit etc.
  • Adapter Parameters: – The most important parameters of the device pairing and Torque Pro APK configuration are related to their design and functionality. Some of them are the PID, minimum and maximum values, short and long names, scale factor etc. The Torque Pro APK is capable of auto-configuring the values of each parameter based on the hardware settings of the adapters.

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Torque Pro APK Top Benefits

  • Compatibility with maximum vehicle types and brands,
  • Adapter compatibility for universal OEM standards.
  • Software and hardware compatibility with all types of EV display units.
  • Complete customization options from the pre-installation configuration to the post-installation setup, configuration, and application. The system of Torque Pro APK works with all types of Bluetooth internet connections and interfaces with equal efficiency.
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