Spotify Premium APK for Android [Latest]

Name: Spotify Premium APK.
Developer: Spotify LTD.
Updated: July 25, 2017
File Size: 37 MBs
Downloads: 10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Version: [Latest]
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Rating: 4.5 Star

Spotify Premium APK Review

The joy of listening to your favorite music from Spotify Premium APK is an experience you will remember forever. The app brings you the scintillating combination of HD precision, a true melody of the artist and the vibrations of musical instruments. You can download and install the app on any of the mobile device and smart phone working on the Android platform. You will be able to get enhanced effects of the music if you could connect your phone to good quality speakers. The app has many interesting features which have made it highly popular among the music lovers. You can get to know about a few of them here and now.

Spotify Premium – Download and Install

Spotify Premium APK Download For Free

The process of downloading Spotify Premium APK is very simple. You can go to the Google Play Store and get connected to the download option. Here you can go through the process faster and install it into your phone. Since this is a paid version you need to ensure there is sufficient cash in your account for the process to go through without any hassles.

Spotify Premium APK – How it Works

The app menu and the user interface are very simple. At the same time, the creators have provided a multitude of options to choose from.

  • Play Lists: – This is one of the most interesting options of the app. It has an inbuilt feature of selecting the order of songs. In the beginning, I was unable to guess how it sorted out the list. But one of the friends told me it detects the tempo of the first song you have chosen. Then there is a logic which calculates the speed and rhythm of the remaining songs in the list and puts them in sequential order. But somehow I have not been able to follow the logic. That seems to be no problem since I am enjoying the tunes and the rhythm given by Spotify Premium APK. Once you have created your own play list, you can save it with a name. The next time you connect to Spotify Premium APK you can choose it easily.
  • User Interface: – This is another cool feature you’ll love to play with. You can see the currently playing song at the top, while the featured songs are displayed in a horizontal list just beneath it. You can scroll them to select the music of your choice once the current song ends. But the better choice is to add all of them to the play list and let the system do the sequence selection.
  • Custom Search: – The system gives you wide range of search options. The criteria include genre, artist, album, song name and many others. The search pattern is rather simple in this app. Though it gives you many criteria, you won’t get confused at any point of time. At least this is my experience with this app.
  • Music Library: –  The song library of Spotify Premium APK is literally like an ocean. Sometimes you might get confused about selecting a song to play right now. The tendency to keep switching between all the songs in the library also crops up in your mind. This is because you will be hoping to get a better song than the one playing now. This is how I got lost for the first time when I opened the library. Now I have come to develop some patience while letting the system play a song completely before choosing the next one! Such is the vastness of the library here.
  • New Releases: – This is one section which you could cherish while playing music. It has vast options to choose from. You can go by the latest releases, most trending, genre, artist name and many others. The only criterion is you need to keep your subscription consistently updated. Then Spotify Premium APK gives you plenty of music collections to choose from. Once you have downloaded them it is easy to queue them up with your existing collections.
  • Online Play Lists: – This is a feature I am yet to explore. But I have heard a lot about that from my friends. Here the system creates and manages the list which you can select. Once you get connected to it I hope you will be able to enjoy the options as much as the others.
  • Artist Pages: – Being a true fan of Jack Johnson I naturally wanted to follow all the songs, albums and other collections from this great musician. I found the artist page to be of great help to me. The Spotify Premium APK has thousands of dedicated pages for every artist it hosts in the library. Just go to the page and you can find everything you need and want.

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Spotify Premium APK – Take it anywhere

You can transport your experience with Spotify Premium APK onto your TV, car music system, the live play-station and into your home theater. All you need to do is follow the instructions while connecting to the specific hardware device. In the beginning, you might face some hiccups just like I did. But you will be able to come through with it if you are persistent in your efforts.

  • Setup: – The process of getting connected to the app with the existing hardware is simple. The Spotify Premium APK Bluetooth makes it very simple. Get the hardware connections in place. Then you can let the app’s automated interface do the rest.
  • Chromecast: – This is one feature which you’ll love to have in your system with Spotify Premium APK. This allows you to connect with surround sound speakers in the home theater. Once you have connected your tablet to the optical port (used for input), you will be able to use it. The Wi-Fi network should be the same for your app and the Chromecast. The rest of the procedures are made simple by the Spotify Premium APK. Similarly, you can connect the app to multiple numbers of other devices in simple ways, for which you can get the detailed information at the official website of Spotify Premium APK.

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