Songsterr APK – Guitar Tabs & Chords Version 1.9.5

Name: Songsterr APK – Guitar Tabs & Chords Version.
Developer: Songsterr.
Updated: June 30, 2017
File Size: 4 MBs
Downloads: 100,000 – 500,000
Version: 2.0.3
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Rating: 4.7 Star

Best of Songsterr APK Reviews for Learning and Playing Music

Learning to play music and songs on the new Songsterr APK is literally a child’s play for all age groups of music lovers today. I am confident enough to make this bold statement based on my personal experience with the system. Ever since I downloaded this app and started using it, my confidence level in mastering my favorite music has been only increasing. The system offers seamless internet connectivity to the Songsterr website in real time. I am able to use it on my computer as well as an Android-based smartphone with equal ease. I am sure you will also be able to reap the rich benefits of Songsterr APK, which is available in the free and paid versions online. The developers seem to have taken pains to program this app to perfection. In this review, you will be able to learn some of those features and benefits in brief.

Songsterr APK v1.9.5

Master Review of Songsterr APK

  • User Interface: – Songsterr APK works with the help of Adobe Flash for playing the most accurate music tunes on the go. In fact, you will be surprised by the rich features of vibration free background and noiseless music round the clock. When I used the app for the first time, I was under the impression that it may take many add-ons to make it work. I was mainly worried about the customization levels in the user interface. As I started exploring the interface features one by one, I came across a sea of options which I had rarely experienced in any other app. The client side interface works literally on any mobile and PC supporting Android and compatible OS. The ability of the system to work using Google Cloud and Android-based user interface makes it highly simplified in nature. You will be able to get the guitar tab chords in the right place right from the start till the finish. The app gives you the best of options for combining slide, hammer, bend, pull-off, Vibrato and ghost notes with the interface. The system gives you options for literally connecting with the song notes you play by constantly updating the rhythm and the beat in perfect action.
  • Perfect Control: – I have always wanted to be in control of the speed and mode of music I play and learn in the device I use. Somehow I had been unable to achieve this goal to perfection until I came across Songsterr APK. The system gives me absolute freedom through multiple permissions for network access and USB storage. This is where I am able to search for the latest songs and download them for later use. The developers have included an option called Google Analytics which I believe is a great feature. The system is able to track all my actions during the time I am online and tune the controller accordingly during off time working sessions also. This works like a professional trainer who is able to understand the pace of my learning and playing like no others. So it keeps sending me messages while I am learning and playing my favorite songs. These messages help me in finding the best methods to increase or decrease the tempo of my learning based on the difficulty levels. Moreover, the Songsterr APK gives the absolute control over the tabs and keys throughout my playing time. If you happen to be new music learner, you can enjoy the options of slicing the music according to your needs. You will be able to position the replay and rewind controllers accurately at the desired positions for repetitions.Read: Sixaxis Controller APK

Songsterr APK Top Features

  • Vast Database: – The Songsterr APK gives you an option for connecting the internet connectivity with the large database in your computer and Android-based smartphones as well as tablets. By using the APK interface you can save any number of songs without any practical limitations on size. When you wish to playback the songs, you can simply point to the required file, upload it into the memory and start playing it. The system gives you the option for editing a given song after renaming it, so the original music is also preserved without being overwritten. The unique database access system allows you to group the songs and music based on genre, artist name, instrument type and many other customizable options.
  • Multiple Notes: – The Songsterr APK gives you options for downloading and connecting to multiple types of music notes in parallel. In fact, you could easily play guitar, drum and other customized instruments. You will be able to fine-tune the app for traditional guitar notes for the country music as well as the latest notes from the electric guitar. The Songsterr APK interface clearly differentiates between the drum tabs and the guitar tabs in its notes interface. Reading the tabs and individual notes are made simple through the programming interface provided by the app.
  • Stroke Play: – Playing the upside and downside of the strokes is now simple with Songsterr APK. This is made possible by the type of types of rhythmic notes provided by the system. The unique variations in the harmonics can be literally experienced when you can use the controls with the stroke play.
  • Unique Triplet: – Fine tuning the Songsterr APK for controlling the duration of each note after dividing it by 3 gives you the perfect flow of music from any point.
  • Fusion Music: – Playing multiple genres of music by fusing them into a new genre of your own is one of the top benefits you find with Songsterr APK. This is made possible by editing the multiple music files in the beats, bars, note and rests. The latest features available with Songsterr APK allow you to create objects called DOTS. The music control system gives you the options for prolonging the duration of a piece of notes by inserting rests. You can also reduce the duration of the notes by shortening and removing the rests between them.

Songsterr APK Versions

The Songsterr APK 1.9.9 is the latest updated version on May 29, 2017. This version comes up with many bug fixes from the previous editions. Moreover, the business model of the 1.9.9 version called the FREEMIUM model compatible with the I-Phone, I-Pad and the I-Pod systems. The developers have included the upgraded version of the realistic playback features for the guitar and drum instruments.

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