Sixaxis Controller Apk v1.1.3 For Android

Name: Sixaxis Controller APK.
Developer: Dancing Pixel Studios.
Updated: December 23, 2016
File Size: 2 MBs
Downloads: 100,000 – 500,000
Version: 1.1.3
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Rating: 4.0 Star

Salient Features of Sixaxis Controller APK

The creation of Sixaxis Controller APK is intended to act as a multiple interface console emulator for android play stations. This wireless system can be configured to have complete root-level access with the USB pairing on original controllers. The multipurpose app supports native gamepads with analog devices, dual-shock 3 and 4 versions and other advanced gaming devices.

Sixaxis Controller Apk v1.1.3

Review of the Sixaxis Controller APK

The advanced features of Sixaxis Controller APK developed by Sony come bundled with the motion sensing technology for PS3 platforms. The design of the original controller underwent many changes before the introduction of the current model. Some of the most critical technical features introduced in the Sixaxis can be summarized in brief.

  • Rotational Orientation: – Most of the rotational orientations of the Sixaxis Controller APK are centered on the 3 main axes of motion namely the X, Y, and the Z directions. This is based on the motion sensing capability of the human eyes while playing the games. As you could see many types of 3-D and 2-D games available on the latest play-stations tend to cover the 3 fundamental axes. The speed with which the controller’s keypad works is supposed to be far superior to the virtual movements associated with the games you play. The accuracy and minute level of control make using the Sixaxis Controller APK great fun with any versions of the advanced games.
  • Translational Acceleration: – The combination of translational acceleration with the rotational orientation makes the Sixaxis Controller APK all powerful. At the same time, the simplicity in giving complete control to the user makes it easy to connect with many types of advanced Android and ISO devices.
  • Dual Mode Function: – One of the biggest advantages of working with the Sixaxis Controller APK is its dual mode function to support digital and analog mode functions. The ability of the app to fine tune the hardware has been exceptionally shaped by the manufacturing company. Dynamic support for multiple switching modes gives you the ability to switch between single and multi user games in a systematic manner.
  • Low Battery Operation: – Have you ever faced any problems with low battery issues while playing your favorite play-station game? If my experience proves right, you might have come across at least a dozen such occasions wherein the low battery situation forced you out of the game! Well, the makers of Sixaxis Controller APK have taken great care to keep the app going in low battery conditions also. More than 98% of the gamers playing with the Sixaxis Controller APK have experienced its power to let you continue with the game under low battery conditions. When the battery is fully charged you will be able to continue playing non-stop for more than 30 hours in the power-packed game. The Li-On battery has been tested under variable playing conditions and proved to be long lasting than any other compatible battery system so far. You will be able to experience the true power of the system when you take your play-station to a remote location away from your home. Moreover, the controller gives you an option for changing the battery of any model with the same dimensions and capacity.
  • Ease of Charging: – When I used the Sixaxis Controller APK for the first time away from my home (in my trekking camp) I found it difficult to have a reliable battery recharging A/C power source. To my surprise, I found the USB-Mini-B connector located at the top of the Sixaxis Controller. Using it I was able to continue my playing for many hours without any hassles.
  • Super LED Control: – The Sixaxis Controller APK lets you have an easy interface with almost all types of standard LED controllers available in the market today. For example, you can use the Dual-Shock-3 hardware controller with multiple buttons for advanced applications. The app is able to sense the various types of motions using the controller in all the 8 possible directions. The developers have used one of the latest Android play-station algorithms in controlling the flow of every game you play.Download: TeamSpeak 3 APK

Features of the Sixaxis Controller APK

  • Hardware Interaction: – The ability of Sixaxis Controller APK to interact with multiple types of hardware devices is evident from its support for USB and wireless models of play-stations. The biggest benefit you get is the ability for the light bar used in detecting the 3-D motion with six-axis rotational action. The app is capable of supporting many types of cameras and motion controlling hardware devices. The latest technology named as play-station-eye is compatible with the traditional analog and the most recent digital technologies. In addition, the app supports multiple types of a joystick, keypad and other hardware devices with relative ease.
  • Installation Procedure: – My personal experience with Sixaxis Controller APK has shown me it is far easier than installing the device driver software on my PC! All you got to do is go to the official website of the APK and download the installer. The self-paced and guided system allows you to install the APK within a few minutes. All the hardware relevant driver updates are taken care of by the system without your active intervention.
  • Minimum Requirement: – The developers of Sixaxis Controller APK have taken sufficient care to accommodate the system for compatibility with Kernel version as the minimum requirement. The application requires LIBSUB-DEV and LIBSUB-01.-4 package apart from SUDO-APT. Once you have ensured these minimum settings, you will be able to pair up the app with USB or the Bluetooth for the latest Android platforms.
  • Bug-Less Coding: – The developers have Sixaxis Controller APK have taken all the required care to ensure 100% bug-free coding. Since the core of the kernel is based on Linux model, the chances of getting affected by a virus, hacking programs, and other deadly gaming malware are highly remote.

The best part of working with Sixaxis Controller APK is its ability to keep upgrading with the growing Android technologies. The system can practically cover all the latest and upcoming hardware and operating systems based on Android and other platforms successfully.

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