Showbox APK Latest Version for Android

Name: Showbox APK.
Developer: Show Box.
Updated: June 7, 2017
File Size: 39 MBs
Downloads: 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Version: 4.92
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Rating: 4.1 Star

Top Media Streaming Features of Showbox APK

Missed your favorite TV show today evening? No problems, the latest edition of Showbox APK is here to watch it on HD with crystal clear video and audio. You can download and install it on any of your Android driven tablet and smartphone in simple steps.  You don’t need to pay for regular subscriptions. A one-time download will give you the complete access to its media streaming features all the way. All you need to do is go to the official website of the sponsors and get the link.

ShowBox APK Download for Android


The Showbox APK – My Review

Personally speaking, I have found this app called Showbox APK very satisfying. As a moving salesman, I hardly get time to watch TV shows and movies at home. The shorter breaks I get to spend at home strictly reserved for my family. So, the only choice is to watch them on the move. I had been looking for a reliable app which gives me unlimited shows on my Android tablet. But most of them I saw had issues. Audio and video lags, no clear video, frequent cuts or some other issues kept me away from them. Ultimately I found Showbox APK.

So far I have enjoyed clear multimedia streaming. The app takes care of all the configurations and updates without having to do anything at all. I just have to open the media, choose the file and click on play. It lets me watch multiple movie formats without having to depend on converter apps. This is one app which has all the required features built into it.

The Show Box APK – Top Features

  • Zero Lags: – The first feature of Showbox APK that really impressed me is the zero lag between video and audio. Perfect synchronization lets me enjoy the show as it happened in the first telecast. I don’t need to wait for the audio anxiously after the video is through, nor do I have to listen to the conversation first and wait for the video! For the first time, I am able to experience the real-time multimedia effects on my Android smartphone to see the perfectly running movies. I normally connect the speaker output to the surround sound system to get the best of effects.
  • Online Videos: – The procedure for watching live streaming movies using the Showbox APK is very simple. Click on the apps, choose the Showbox icon and click on it. The list of movies and TV shows will simply amaze you. Choose movies from the list. In the next step, you can get to see the complete library collections of the movies which are available on the server. Once you select the movie and click on it, the system shows you multiple options for watching and downloading. Select from Low, medium and high for the quality. Click on watch now. The streaming show starts live. The system gives you plenty of options to sort the movies by genre and year of release, apart from newly added categories, based on alphabetical order of names and the rating. If you get bored of a movie while it is running, you can just pause it, go back to the main menu and choose another movie. The system will instantly replace the running movie with the new one. If you don’t find any other, you can always come back to the originally selected movie and continue with it. You can use the same logic for choosing your favorite TV show also.
  • Completely Compatible: – Showbox APK is compatible with almost all the latest versions of Android mobile devices. I don’t need any added tools or apps to support it. The one app I download and install configures itself completely by auto sensing the hardware specifications. What more, I can even install it on my desktop PC or Android compatible TV. It works equally well on Windows 7.x and 8.x. When I tried to install Showbox APK on my smart TV I was a bit hesitant about its functionality. That was because I had not seen or used any of the apps compatible with the TV. However, my fears dissolved once I downloaded and installed the app onto my TV. It seems the options for the app is more than what is available for the smartphone (I could be wrong also). I am saying this because of my personal experience of watching options for News and Trailers which I was unable to find on my Android phone. Anyways it has been sheer fun for me to enjoy all the latest movies and trailers on my TV.
  • Unlimited Content: – This is one thing I love the most about the app. I get unlimited entertainment as there are restrictions on the number of episodes or movies. It works 24X7 with no hassles and legal issues. I was wondering how this is made possible until I came across the huge database with collections of TV shows and movies. They even upgrade them regularly. Some of the best movies listed on the Showbox APK are from the latest box office collections. So I had no fear of having to watch outdated movies on my system. The only requirement is that I need to keep following the latest updates on the website.
  • Online Help: – The online help gets all my FAQs answered instantly. I can look up for many of the customizing options and troubleshooting techniques. With this kind of help, even a novice user can go through the installation and configuration in simple steps. Great for all the users I suppose.

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Showbox APK – Latest Versions

The currently running version of Showbox APK is 4.92 for the Android platform as I last updated it. It is stated to be free from all forms of ads. My only worry is about the version exclusively for the mobile, though the current version supports Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. This is because I have a couple of old mobile handsets which I am not willing to get rid of.

Download Show Box 4.92

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