Score! Hero APK For Android (Latest)

Name:  Score! Hero APK
Developer: First Touch Games Ltd.
Updated: December 12, 2017
File Size: 99 MBs
Downloads: 50,000,000 – 100,000,000
Version:  1.7.1
Android Requirements: 4.4 and up
Rating: 4.6 Star


Score! Hero APK Review

Score! Hero APK is an amazing soccer simulator and you can play certain scenarios instead of playing the whole game. Score! Hero APK lets you control one player at a time instead of playing with the whole team. You do not have to play the whole game and try to make goals so that you can win, in place of the long match play, now players just have to complete short scenarios to get past the levels. Players have to simply dominate the scenario by performing some given objectives to get 3 stars. These objectives are predefined for every level. Performing each objective given at certain levels allow you to gain a star in the level. If a player can complete all three objectives then he gets all three stars.  The levels are divided into different seasons. Each season can be unlocked by the player by getting the certain number of stars in the previous levels and seasons. Players can play any level multiple times in order to achieve the objectives and gain the stars in order to unlock different seasons. Players also get different rewards in the game by achieving certain milestones.

Score Hero APK Download for Android

Players can completely customize their character in the game. They can use the rewards they get to buy different stuff and make their character look stunning in the game.

Players are given certain energy to play the game which decreases to some extent if a player fails to dominate in the level. Energy restores time and it also can be purchased or you can watch an ad to regain energy quickly.

The game is free to play although it offers multiple in-game purchases for real money.

Score! Hero APK is completely addictive and players enjoy this game all over the world.

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How to Play Score! Hero APK

Score! Hero APK is pretty easy to play and an amazing soccer simulator. Users/Players only have to control a single player in the game instead of the whole team. The game is pretty simple to play and there is a complete session at the start of the game that teaches players how to play. Users / Players have to simply drag and make a line on the screen as the way they want to kick the ball. Different tricks can be performed in the game according to the position of the ball the player gets as it is passed to him.

What’s new:

  • Bug fixes.

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