Popcorn Time Latest APK for Android

Name: Popcorn Time APK
Developer: Time4PopCorn
Updated: February 6, 2017
File Size: 63.18 MBs
Downloads: 10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Version: 2.8.0
Requirements: 3.0 and up
Rating: 4.0 Star

Ever since its inception in the year 2014, the Popcorn Time APK has been making inroads into the android users devices. The biggest benefit of using the app is movie sharing with your friends during download. You can get linked to multiple source sites from the simple application and connect parallel downloads without affecting the other’s performance. The dynamic download option makes it possible to save on your device disk space. The app works through a sophisticated protocol called BIT-TORRENT.  The dynamic connectivity between the server and the client application is known to search for the most efficient network path before downloading. This approach saves your time considerably.

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Popcorn Time APK Review

  • Movie Library: – Popcorn Time APK has a vast collection of movie library in its database. The developers’ decision to use a set of distributed database systems led to the consistent addition to the library. The system hosts connections to millions of shared connections through which you will be able to download the movie. The system lets you search for the movies using multiple search criteria.
  • Search Algorithm: – According to the developers of Popcorn Time APK, the system uses a dynamic search algorithm which gets your Android client browser connected to multiple movie sources. Then the algorithm moves to choose the best source and present the connectivity in your user interface. Once you click on the link, the dynamic download starts.
  • Multiple channels: – The download through Popcorn Time APK happens through multiple channels. This is one advantage which reduces the download time considerably. According to the current users, they are able to save up to 80% download time by opting for the Popcorn Time APK. The other benefit of the app is that it uses the memory space of the cloud server to download the application to the maximum extent. This means you are free to use other applications on your android device while the system is downloading the movie.
  • Dynamic Sharing: – Your dream of sharing the movie links with your friends is well understood by the Popcorn Time APK developers. Hence they have given the option for sharing of movie links during the movie download. The app will continue to share the links till you close it. The only requirement is you should have the sufficient list of friends with whom you wish to share the links.
  • User Interface: – Popcorn Time APK has become highly popular among the users due to its simplest user interface. In fact, the app consumes the minimum possible space in your disk and memory during runtime. The sophistication of the app is in the number of options it provides you at the time of download. As a user, you will be able to utilize the multiple options with the help of feather touch screens. Since the app allows multiple connections in parallel you can continue to watch one movie while downloading the other. This is one of the greatest features offered by the app which helps in saving your time considerably.
  • Torrent Access: – Dynamic accessibility to the torrents makes Popcorn Time APK highly flexible in nature. The connection protocol and the search algorithm are closely linked with each other. This allows the system to search for thousands of genres based on your search criteria. This is made possible due to the multiple matching patterns of the system with the torrent links. Hence you are able to connect with multiple torrents for the same search. You can choose the best from the list and get connected to it. The system ensures the fastest possible speed within the limits of your internet connection.

Popcorn Time APK Features

  • Cloud App: – The major part of Popcorn Time APK runs through the cloud based server. Hence the utilization of client memory space is very little. Moreover, the multiple cloud servers make it possible to switch the connection dynamically between the servers. The app is compatible with Android, IOS and other versions of smart phones run by OS.
  • Constant Updates: – The developers of Popcorn Time APK make it robust by providing consistent updates and upgrades to the versions. Hence you are always in pace with the latest options available from the movie torrents. The paid version of the app can connect you with more than one million types of torrents. You will be able to categorize the available movies based on genre, sub types, names, release date and other features.
  • Bug Fixes: – Being an open source app, the system could be vulnerable to certain bugs which creep in unexpectedly. The developers are welcome every suggestion for the bug reporting. Once the bug is known, they can fix it and release the next update quickly. This kind of open end approach lets the best type of interaction between the users and the developers.
  • Coding Standards: – The application of GNU standards for the programming makes Popcorn Time APK highly open ended in nature. That means there is no practical limit to which the app can grow in its reach and range. In fact, the developer community is associated with consistent R & D to make the app better. If you happen to be a programmer well versed in Linux and cloud platform coding, you will be able to join the community and make contributions through your skills in writing programs.

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Popcorn Time Latest Versions

The original edition of Popcorn Time APK started in 2014 has undergone many versions and updates till the latest 2017 version. The Popcorn Time APK SH uses the simplest of a user interface and advanced coding algorithms. The main aim of the developers is to find multiple sources for the torrent download, increase the number of parallel downloads and decrease the download time from every torrent. The consistent developments and version releases are making it possible. You can expect the next versions Popcorn Time APK to be released in the near future with multiple updates.

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