Fallout Shelter APK Download for Android

Name: Fallout Shelter APK
Developer: Bethesda Softworks LLC
Updated: May 24, 2017
File Size: 233.36 MBs
Downloads: 10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Version: 1.12
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Rating: 4.5 Star

The story plot in the Fallout Shelter APK is fascinating and sometimes frightening. It starts from the post apocalypse period when the fallout has resulted in destruction and holocaust. You are the leader of the vault, coordinating and guiding your fellow men and women in the game of survival. In your endeavor, you have to find food, shelter, money, clothing, fuel and, any other survival resources. Your primary goal is to ensure the availability of the resources to your entire group. Once your dwelling problems are settled, you can keep migrating to the various destinations, collecting weapons health kits and rewards.

Fallout Shelter APK Download for Free

Fallout Shelter APP Review

  • Patience: – The game of Fallout Shelter APK is unlike the other war games where you go on killing your enemies or get killed in the process. You learn how to endure the post destruction difficulties faced by the survivors. The pace of the game often gets slowed down to a great extent, especially during the search for resources. It tests your patience to the limits. The game of Fallout Shelter APK can be daunting while playing on your android smart phone. But the rewards you get make it worth having tons of patience. Watch out for the hidden resources which can be activated with the help of shortcut keys. They are situated at unexpected locations and often in surprisingly huge quantities.
  • Persistence: – Persistence is the key to success in Fallout Shelter APK. In the beginning, you might face lots of hardships and unkind situations. You might find it difficult to keep your community together and provide them with the required resources. But your persistent efforts in the game can get you rich rewards.
  • Resources: – Accessing the existing resources can be tough and challenging. But the innovative tools in the Fallout Shelter APK give you the option to create your own resources. There are many tools for calculations and analysis used in collecting resources for health items, weapons etc. The more provisions you make for your fellow men, the higher rewards you get in the game. Of course, the online store also gives you plenty of options to buy the resources. This can help increase the pace of your game also.
  • Health: –  Balancing your own health and that of your fellow men can be intimidating at times. Hence you will need the right planning at every stage in the game. Once you reach a specific stage in the game, the others in your group will be able to manage their own health levels. You can find plenty of resources, health kits, energy boosters and others on your way. These are highly required when you meet situations in the wilderness where nothing grows. The online store can be used to buy medicines, supplements and many other items for boosting the health conditions.
  • Transactions: – One of the most interesting parts of the Fallout Shelter APK is the micro level of which you can have transactions. It is possible to buy many of the resources through this method. At the same time, the others have to be earned through consistent efforts. This is where you feel the real essence of the Fallout Shelter APK. It teaches you patience and persistence.
  • Weapons: – Weapons inventory is one of the fascinating aspects of Fallout Shelter APK. You might not use them to kill your enemies or destroy anything. This is mainly because almost everything is already destroyed. But you still need weapons to defend yourself and your group from unexpected elements. In many instances, while finding resources and migrating with your group, you can come across situations for weapons use. The standard options in the mobile version give you plenty of options to search for weapons. You need to be vigilant while searching and finding them. Meanwhile, the online store also gives you a wide range of weapons to buy.
  • Invasions: – The survival tactics in the Fallout Shelter APK gives you options to take away the resources gathered by your dead enemies. This is perhaps the trickiest part of the game. It requires long waiting and anticipation on your part while performing this task.
  • Rewards: – Once you are able to overcome the initial hiccups and the difficulties, you will be rewarded with plenty of resources. The most coveted of them is the lunchbox which contains many essential items of health, food, water and other resources.
  • Enemies: – The most difficult enemy you can find in Fallout Shelter APK is the RADSCORPIONS. This is because you can’t predict their behavior and attack mode at any point in time. I came across these enemies somewhere in the year 2016 when I got the version update 1.4. The other ones introduced at the same time were the Feral Ghouls. They are much stronger in nature but their behavior and attack mode can be predicted with some game practice.

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Fallout Shelter APK Features

  • Interface: – The realistic user interface you get in Fallout Shelter APK can be sometimes thrilling, while it can be frightening at other times. The sequences of events following your encounters with RADSCORPIONS are the most visually absorbing parts in the game. Personally, I have a great opinion about the user interface and the stunning visual effects in Fallout Shelter APK.
  • Control: – As a player, you have great control over your actions in Fallout Shelter APK. The developers have intelligently designed the game to give a selection of controls. In my personal opinion, the touch screen buttons are the best to control. In the beginning, you might slip and lose control. But once you have developed the skills, you will be able to enjoy the game to the heights.

Fallout Shelter Latest Versions

I have been playing the Fallout Shelter APK since mid-2016. I have not missed any of the updates starting from 1.4 to the switch over into X-Box-One. Now I am able to play the Fallout Shelter APK on my windows operated phone also.

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