Clash Royale APK for Android

Name:  Clash Royale APK
Developer: Supercell
Updated on: December 13, 2017
File Size: 93.77 MBs
Downloads: 100,000,000 – 500,000,000
Version: 2.1.7
Android Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Rating: 4.6 Star

Play Clash Royale APK and choose from the wide range of heroes form the Clash of Clans APK: kings, barbarians, archers, giants, wall breakers and much more in a real-time multiplayer in frantic duels from all over the world.

Clash Royale APK is a freemium mobile tower rush where you get to play the game with three towers. You get one tower in the middle and two other on each side and the aim is to dominate the duel by using your troops to demolish your enemy’s central tower and defending your tower so that u don’t lose the tournament, which lasts for 3 minutes. A normal duel lasts around 1 to 4 minutes. Tournaments are comparable to normal duels or battles but the cards are leveled down. Tournaments are unlocked at level 5 but a player can only start playing at level 8.

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Clash Royale APK Review

Players have to start from level 1 and get to the highest level, level 13. To do so, players have to gain experience points, complete achievements and by donating or upgrading cards. Trophies rank the players and are won or lost in multiplayer battles where victory depends on destroying more towers than your opponent and earning a crown for each one of the towers or destroying the central tower. Destroying the king’s tower results in a ‘three crown’ victory.

Troops, spells, buildings and other units are known as cards. Players have to make a set of eight cards to attack or defend the rival’s cards. You have to unlock combat units by upgrading and collecting enough cards.

Players can achieve Chests by winning multiplayer battles if the player’s chest slot is not full. Unlocking chests take certain time, which depends on the rarity of the chest. Gems are used to buy or speed up the required time to unlock the chest. Chests contain gems, cards, and gold.

Clans can be formed or joined at level 1. Clan members can have friendly battles to see how other players play and gain experience. These battles don’t affect the trophies or chests. Cards can be donated or requested from/to the other clan members after reaching level 3.

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What’s New in Clash Royale APK


  • The new arena “Electro Valley” can be opened by opened by reaching 3400 trophies.
  • Two new cards, Zappies and Hunter.
  • Addition of Lightning Chest, Fortune Chest, and King’s Chest.


  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Download: Clash Royale 2.1.7 APK

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