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Bloons TD 5 APK Version 3.9 For Android

Name: Bloons TD 5 APK.
Developer: Ninja Kiwi.
Updated: June 20, 2017
File Size: 87 MBs
Downloads: 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Version: 3.9
Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
Rating: 4.6 star

Bloons TD 5 APK – Comprehensive User Review

This comprehensive user review of Bloons TD 5 APK is inclusive of the interface, network, coding and related technical aspects. The developers and designers have worked hard in organizing the various levels of the game in a hierarchy of complexity.  You need to win a specific amount of cash and points in each level for qualifying to reach the next levels. You can do so by destroying your enemies after defeating them in the battles on the ground. The volume of resources you win geometrically multiplies with the number of enemies (also called as creeps) you destroy. The course of the game changes dynamically at every level. These are the complex features incorporated into the game by the designers and developers.

Bloons TD 5 APK

Bloons Tower Defense 5 APK User Review

  • User Interface: – The front end user interface is the part which gives you all the challenges you have been looking forward to. You come across fast approaching creeps, rapid fire, and the super monkey. You need to take special precautions while dealing with this specific entity. This is because of the accuracy and speed with which the monkey throws the darts at you. The creeps you come across in this game are capable of cutting through most of the defenses you have developed. Hence the need for added resources becomes very high during the game. The complete graphical interface is filled with plenty of objects. You will be able to utilize all of them at certain specific points in your game. For example, tracks are the special type of objects you find in the Bloons TD 5 APK interface.
  • BTD5 APK Tracks: Bloons TD 5 APK gives you plenty of options for the tracks wherein your “BLOONS” travel. The version 4 of the game has given specific names to every type of track you come across. You will be able to choose from easy tracks, moderate tracks, and hard tracks. The complexity of your travel and the number of creeps you encounter on the tracks vary with the increasing complexity levels. The cliff-Top track is considered to be one of the most complex types you can travel on. All the challenging tracks at the premium level have to be purchased by paying specific value at the various levels of the game.
  • BTD5 APK Upgrades: – Since the arrival of the first version of Bloons TD 5 APK, it has undergone frequent upgrades till the current version. With every upgrade, you come across an increase in the complexity levels. The latest versions have replaced the monkey money rewards with the “Awesome Points AP)”. You can win them after going through the Bloons TD 5 APK battles. They can be fought on one –to-one basis with the system or on a multiplayer system in the network. In the case of multiple players, you need to overcome all your competitors successfully before setting up the final combat with the real enemy in the game. This is one of the most thrilling and challenging aspects you can find with the Bloons TD 5 APK. The app upgrade is constantly followed by the development in the support for latest hardware platforms. As of now the version 5 of Bloons TD 5 APK gives you plenty of upgrades with special missions, exclusive tower, monkey lab, special agents and other advanced features.
  • BTD5 APK Games: – The Bloons TD 5 APK is a group of multiple games in which you can get engaged and entertained in unique ways. Your primary aim is to defend your object from the enemies, progress in the tracks and reach the final destination. You can find plenty of towers in the path in which you can face special challenges. The number of options within each tower keeps increasing the level of complexity increases. Each game gives you the options for winning enormous points.
  • BTD5 APK Rewards: – All the hard work and thinking you do while playing with the Bloons TD 5 APK can earn you some of the unique rewards you can think of. For example, the number of XPs you win varies for easy to the hard and Impoppable levels. The main street is one of the tracks which fall under the extreme levels of difficulty. Reaching this level is not easy. You need to have a ranking of 50 or above. You also need to have specific stock of monkey money for reaching this level. The problem is not in earning the ranking or the monkey money in parts, but the knack of balancing both, till you come to this level.
  • BTD5 APK Monkeys: – The Bloons TD 5 APK monkeys are the most interesting objects of the game you can come across. One of the main characters you get to see is the sniper monkey. In fact, this is one of the latest towers to be set up in the Bloons TD 5 APK version 5. This is one layer in which multiple BLOONS. You will be able to unlock the tower at rank-3. Supply drop ability contains a value between $500 and $1500. You can gather all the money by playing intelligently at this level. Similarly, you can find the Ninja Monkey, Beacon Monkey and plenty of others within the Monkey Village. Again the concept of this monkey village has been coined in the version 5 of the Bloons TD 5 APK. The village is supposed to provide maximum help to you as long as you are staying within the towers in the range of the monkey village.

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BTD5 APK Features

  • XP unlocking is one of the main features you find in the Bloons TD 5 APK. The system offers plenty of surprises with each upgrade in the features.
  • The main feature of the Bloons TD 5 APK is to have multiple upgrades within the same version of the app. The options to increase the number of challenges and others have consistently kept the Bloons TD 5 APK in demand.
  • The multiple features of Bloons TD 5 APK version 5 include Re-growth-BLOONS, CAMO-BLOONS, Specialty buildings, reverse mode and others.
  • The latest version of Bloons Tower Defense 5 APK  Android version works with equal efficiency on smartphones, tablets, and other Android compatible mobile devices.

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